Preventive Dentistry in Brentwood, TN

Preventive dentistry includes dental exams and teeth cleanings that protect your smile against cavities and gum disease. It’s better for your oral health to minimize your risk for these problems than to wait to treat them once they develop.

teeth cleaning in brentwood tnAt Haley E. Schmitt Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we offer a warm and welcoming environment, and we genuinely care about the person behind the smile. Our patients are more like family to us, and we treat them the way we expect our families to be treated.

The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Think about preventive dentistry like auto maintenance; your car may be running well, but you risk breaking down and facing costly repair bills if you don't get timely oil changes. 

With your oral health, your teeth and gums may feel fine, but teeth cleaning and exams (maintenance) help you avoid emergency dental visits and more complex treatment if your teeth “break down.”

Dental Exams & Teeth Cleanings Every Six Months

Dr. Schmitt recommends exams and teeth cleanings every six months; if you're at risk for cavities or gum disease, you may require more frequent checkups to maintain your healthy smile.

Dental exams and teeth cleanings are most effective when you brush at least twice a day, floss once, and avoid sugary and starchy foods. 

Comprehensive Dental Exams

A six-month exam at our Brentwood dental office starts with a conversation with Dr. Schmitt, where she'll ask how you're doing and if you’ve noted any oral health changes since your last visit. Your comprehensive dental exam includes:

  • Noting the condition of each tooth 
  • Evaluating your dental bite 
  • Checking for signs of gum disease or gingivitis
  • Checking the condition of existing dental work
  • Performing an oral cancer screening

We know our patients appreciate being informed, and our intraoral cameras let you see what our dentist sees during your exam. Dr. Schmitt uses the small handheld camera to capture magnified images of your teeth and gums that appear on your chairside monitor.

Instead of just explaining a problem, you can see it yourself and understand the benefits of treating it. 

Teeth Cleanings with a Skilled Hygienist

brentwood tn preventative dentistryOur hygienists provide teeth cleanings and periodontal treatment to ensure that your gums are healthy and stay that way. Gum health is essential, as gum disease is linked to numerous physical conditions, including diabetes, heart and lung disease, stroke, dementia, and pregnancy complications. 

During your cleaning, your hygienist checks your gums for gingivitis—the first stage of gum disease—that shows up as swollen, inflamed, or bleeding gums. They will also perform a thorough teeth cleaning that includes removing plaque, the sticky, bacteria-filled film that coats your teeth.

When you don't remove plaque with conscientious brushing and flossing, it turns into tartar, a hard substance that only a hygienist can remove using specialized instruments.

If you have gingivitis, professional teeth cleaning will help stop it in its tracks. If they find periodontitis—advanced gum disease—they will book an appointment for a specialized cleaning called scaling and root planing and a treatment plan to prevent it from progressing.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam and Cleaning

Dr. Schmitt and her amazing dental team are delighted to serve patients in the greater Nashville metro area, including Brentwood, Franklin, Oak Hill, Forest Hills, Belle Meade, Nolensville, and surrounding communities.

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